At Windpower Wales we take great care and time to develop our wind energy projects, and for good reason. We understand that developing a new wind farm will have an impact on a number of people living and working in the communities where the wind farm may be located and there are many important factors which must be considered before any application is made.

First of all, we work with land owners and assess the policy, technical and environmental considerations before determining that a wind farm may be technically feasible. When land owners have agreed to work with us to take the proposals into the next stage of development, we embark on lengthy and detailed consultation with a wide range of organisations that have an interest and a remit in the planning process.

Most importantly, we discuss the proposed project at length with people in the communities surrounding the proposed development, to explain the proposal and to work together to reach a design that is acceptable.

We also discuss with local communities at an early stage how the benefits that will accrue to local communities through the operation of the wind farm can be distributed. We want to make sure that everyone in the area has a chance to contribute to the process of developing the wind farm and that all views are considered and questions answered. Our aim is to submit applications that carry the support of local communities.

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how you can support our projects

There are many ways to support your local wind farm. The key to achieving planning permission is to make sure that both planning officers and councillors are aware of local support for wind farm developments in their area.

Write to the Planning Officer, the local Councillors and the Assembly Member.

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Write to our local newspapers and magazines, and become an active member of our social networks.

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Join the Renewable Wales Network and participate in active support activities for Renewable Energy in Wales.

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future projects

Windpower Wales has identified further sites in other parts of Wales which are considered to be optimum in terms of situation and wind speed for future development and these sites are currently undergoing initial feasibility studies.

We will continue to work with landowners, policy and technical partners to assess where there may be opportunities to develop new wind farms in the future and our commitment remains to work closely with all interested parties through the development process.

Write to your Councillors

The best to way to support our projects is to write, email or call the people who have influence over the planning decisions. We would also appreciate a copy!


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